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Improving Patient Outcomes

The Mission of Virtual Dental Expo is to improve patient outcomes by showcasing the best in Dental Innovation and Education.  We achieve this mission 24/7/365 by utilizing today's technology. Virtual Dental Expo has now made it possible to access Live Continuing Education and Virtual Dental Trade Shows from a mobile device anywhere in the world. 

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In years gone by, Dental Conferences existed  as one of the few resources for clinicians to obtain live continuing dental education. 


Recent data reports "on ground" dental conference attendance is dwindling: many dentists wish to avoid travel, minimize time away from work & family, and would prefer to access continuing education online.


The average time spent by dentists on a trade show floor = 3 hours.


#VDX provides a unique opportunity for Exhibitors to virtually showcase their innovative products and services to the dental community.

Virtual Exhibitor Booths

A hallmark of Virtual Dental Expo is it's 24/7/365 Exhibitor Hall showcasing the very best in Dental Innovation by creating an

online marketplace designed to position dental technology front and center. Virtual Exhibitor Booths utilize today's digital

technology to reach an international targeted audience.


Each Exhibitor Booth is equipped with video player and the ability to play an endless loop of videos, permitting Live broadcast capabilities via Facebook and YouTube Live, as well as the #VDX platform. Broadcast  your latest news from your very own Virtual Exhibitor Booth at anytime and record it to be stored in your E-Learning Library for automated and On Demand.

Virtual Booth Avatars assist attendees and focus visitors to important aspects of the exhibitor's products and services.  Exhibitor's assets are available for immediate download.


Chatbots are programmed to answer questions about products and services.


Specialized promotional pop up boxes can be integrated to encourage attendee participation.


Consultation appointments, surveys, and video chat capabilities also available. Social Media is integrated with each Exhibitor Booth.

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Continuing Education

Virtual Dental Expo through its online platform, Dental CE Academy, provides a turnkey hosting platform for continuing dental education programs:  

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  • Automated process to increase conversion rates

  • Position Continuing Education Program front and center

  • Targeted Dental Audience

  • Registration process provided

  • Webinar hosting Platform

  • Live webinars and On Demand Conversion

  • Receive our Webinar Best Practices Solution

  • Required program evaluation platform

  • Marketing pushed out through #VDX  social media channels

  • CE certificates conferred via automation

Meet #VDX Founder and CEO

Dr. Kirsten Roling, DDS; is the CEO, and Creator of VirtualExpo.io and its flagship platform Virtual Dental Expo. She recognized that other industries utilized digital technology for training and to showcase innovation; in stark contrast to the On Ground dental trade shows that lag behind other industries in the utilization of technology to improve attendee experience and exhibitor benefits.

As dental conference attendance declined, Dental Exhibitors reached out to Dr. Roling for assistance to promote their products and services to the dental community. Understanding their struggle,  Dr. Roling studied attendee behavior, exhibitor requirements, the dental marketplace, and social learning to understand better the UI/UX processes required to develop VirtualExpo.io. In 2020, Virtual Expo will expand to other markets including Virtual Medical Expo, Virtual Aging Expo, and Virtual Aesthetics Expo. Current cooperation with India and Philippines will also position this exciting platform internationally.


Dr. Roling is a published co-author in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry, was interviewed by National Public Radio, and her career featured in the  Arizona Dental Association's Inscription Magazine "Dr. Roling's Unconventional Dental Career."  

             Dr. Kirsten Roling, DDS

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Dr. Roling is a clinical dentist, serial entrepreneur, inventor, University educator, Continuing Education writer and provider. Her career spans 25 years in private practice and public health. She is a graduate of the University of California, San Francisco and a prior Chief for the Office of Oral Health, Maricopa County, Dept. of Public Health; having implemented and administered multiple oral health programs, including two of the largest in the nation for the third largest health department in the U.S.


She recognized that for many dental clinicians, obtaining live continuing education was a challenge. In response, she launched a live, online, continuing dental education platform several years ago. She is a prior subject matter review expert for the American Dental Assistants Association continuing education program. She has authored several continuing education programs for multiple providers currently in use today.


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Dental CE Academy is a continuing education platform created  by dental experts, offering Live, On Demand Webinars, and Virtual Symposiums.


Since, 2012: Our mission is to improve patient outcomes through high quality continuing education.

Dental CE Academy

Website: DentalCEAcademy.com

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Phone: 1.888.964.EXPO

Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST

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