Understanding the Clinical Aspects of CBD:
Potential Benefits to Improve Oral-Systemic Outcomes

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Understanding the Clinical Aspects of CBD: Potential Benefits to Improve Oral-Systemic Outcomes

1 CEU: Live interactive webinar

AGD PACE Subject Code: 340 Anesthesia & Pain Management. Anxiolysis. Emerging Concepts.

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DESCRIPTION: A free online dental continuing education course hosted by Dental CE Academy.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is produced from hemp, or the cannabis sativa plant. CBD is legal in the United States as it does not contain THC the psychoactive component of cannabis. In recent years, CBD has been used increasingly in OTC products to combat pain, inflammation, and anxiety.  In this webinar we will discuss the implications and potentials of CBD use in dentistry to improve patient outcomes. 


  • Understand how CBD may help to mediate immune functions in the body

  • Know how CBD may help to reduce bacteria associated with dental caries and periodontal disease

  • Discuss how CBD may be an important tool in improving TMJ inflammation.

  • Understand how CBD may assist patients in maintaining a healthy oral flora

  • Know the analgesic properties of CBD

About the Speaker(s):

Ryan Schefdore is a leading cannabis industry professional with over 9 years of experience in the field. He has helped to create winning applications for multiple cannabis-related companies, lead dozens of Responsible Vending State Certification courses for some of largest providers in the country, and is a National Representative for the PurWell brand of medical-grade CBD products. As an educator, consultant, and advocate for the responsible use of medical marijuana, Ryan has advanced the growth of the cannabis industry and is passionate about spreading knowledge of the benefits of medical marijuana to anyone interested in its applications. Ryan is no stranger to the dental industry. As the son of a dentist, he has a keen interest to disseminate  knowledge and benefits of CBD to the dental community.

Josh Hoffman is a hemp and cannabis entrepreneur and educator. He works with medical professionals and healthcare practitioners, educating them on the potential benefits of using hemp-derived CBD products and how to select credible companies in the industry to work with. He is currently the Chief Education Officer at PūrWell, a medically focused hemp company in South Florida. Josh’s experience working in medical offices with general practitioners and other healthcare specialists helped to round out his clinical experience and deepen his understanding of the physiology of the body and how it reacts when hemp is introduced into our systemic circulation (i.e. MOA, CYP450 Enzyme pathway, ADE/ADR, First Pass Effect in Liver, and more).


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CONFLICT OF INTEREST AND FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE:  This course is sponsored by PūrWell.  Speakers Ryan Schefdore and josh Hoffman declare a financial relationship with PūrWell. 

Ryan Schefdore Guest Speaker Dental CE Academy. Understanding Clinical Applications of CBD
Joshua Hoffman, CEO, PurWell