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Access the #Cdiff Toolkit for Free

Each year, Clostridium difficile infects 500,000 in the U.S. and kills 30,000. Antibiotics and contamination with C. difficile spores, are the major drivers of #cdiff infection in outpatient settings including dental practices.


The #cdifftoolkit aims to provide dental clinicians with the knowledge to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with C. difficile infection.  Dental clinicians can complete up to 10 CE Credits at no charge.

Learn the latest antibiotic prophylaxis and odontogenic therapeutic recommendations and what disinfectants will keep your dental practice safe from C. difficile spore contamination and superbugs.


Spoiler Alert: Although any antibiotic may cause a patient to be at risk for C. difficile infection, Clindamycin should no longer be a part of your practice. This resource will educate you on the latest antibiotic guidelines and more!

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