The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated that educational activities that are independent of commercial influence and non-promotional are not subject to FDA regulation under the labeling and advertising provision of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Therefore Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE)-approved providers must document how they ensure that all educational activities offered are independent of commercial influence, either direct or indirect, and that all financial relationships between the provider and commercial entities, as well as all financial relationships between course planners and faculty and commercial entities, are fully disclosed to participants.



All programs offered by Dental CE Academy will be for scientific and education purposes only and will not promote the products of the company directly.

Dental CE Academy is responsible for the control of content and the selection of presenters and moderators.

In the event Dental CE Academy agrees to host continuing education and accepts financial or in-kind support from other organizations, those organizations must first agree in writing that they will not direct the content of the program. Outside organizations and/or their agents will respond only to requests initiated by Dental CE Academy for suggestions of presenters or sources of possible presenters.

Dental CE Academy will record the role of the company or its agents and ensure that all names/roles are disclosed to participants prior to attending a program.

Control of Content and Selection of Presenters and Moderators: Dental CE Academy is responsible for the control of content and the selection of presenters and moderators. The Financial Sponsor or Organization agrees not to direct the content of the program. The Organization and/or its Agents will respond only to Dental CE Academy – initiated requests for suggestions of presenters or sources of possible presenters. The Sponsor/Organization will suggest more than one speaker name, when possible; will provide speaker qualifications; will disclose financial or other relationships between the Financial Sponsor/Organization and speaker; and will provide this information in writing.

Dental CE Academy will have on file all written agreements available for inspection. A request for review is available via email:

  1. Recorded Role of the Organization and/or its Agents

  2. Financial Disclosure of Speakers

Rev. March 1, 2020

Commercial Interest, Sponsorships, Conflict of Interest, and Financial Disclosure:

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