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We know that your CE Verification is important to you. The Team at Dental CE Academy takes this responsibility very seriously and asks that you review/follow the instructions below.


Please do not contact ioTech International for your CE Certificates. Should you have any issues after following the instructions, please contact us directly at to assist you. We will respond promptly.  Please provide the Course Title, Date Completed, Live or On Demand.  For comprehensive information concerning how we issue CE Certificates you can also visit HERE

To receive CE Credit Verification - Your attendance will first be verified for AGD PACE requirements. This attendance verification process may take up to 30 minutes. Once your attendance has been verified, an email will be auto-generated and sent to the email you registered with. This email will include a link to complete a quiz and brief course evaluation, and the course handout. Upon successful completion of the quiz and evaluation, your CE Certificate will be auto-generated and sent to your inbox within 1 - 5 minutes from ""  

Please note, Dental CE Academy does not manually issue CE Certificates.

***NOTE***  For the quickest receipt of your CE Certificate. Please add to your "Safe Sender" list , and adjust your security settings to permit receipt of  these important updates. Although you may have received our emails previously,  your email carrier may arbitrarily decide to block the email with CE Certificate attachment. All attendees will be sent the evaluation email. By updating your security settings and adding "" to your "Safe Sender" list, you will ensure your receipt of the CE certificate within 1 - 5 minutes after completing the quiz and course evaluation. Not updating your security settings may cause a delay in receiving your CE certificate by 1 -2 days.  If you are not sure how to add an email to your "Safe Sender" list, you can search Google for "How do I add an email to my Safe Sender List? (followed by yahoo, aol, hotmail, gmail, etc.) You can also contact your email carrier directly to assist you.


Upon successful completion of the quiz and evaluation your CE verification (80% passing score) will be emailed to you from our third party evaluation site 'CERTIFY'EM' ""

Gmail users please check your promotional folder for our emails. Be sure to mark "Not spam".

AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Live, Me, Comcast, Earthlink, Sbcglobal, Cox: May not deliver your email due to their security settings.  We strongly advise adding "" to your safe sender list." In the event your CE credit verification was blocked by your email carrier, please contact them directly to adjust your security settings to retrieve this email and your CE Certificate. Dental CE Academy does not have access or control over your security settings.

@edu or users: your Network Administrator may not permit the delivery of our CE Certificates. You will need to contact them directly to add "" to your network safe sender list.  

Our emails will be sent to the email you registered. We do not manually generate these emails or CE Certificates.

Top reasons why attendees do not receive their CE Certificates:

1. Input a misspelled email address (@gmal, @yaho @ail) double check your information before submiting.

2. They did not pass the quiz. Passing score is 80%, you will have 2 attempts.

3. They did not add "" to their safe sender list and/or their security settings will not permit receipt of our emails.

4. They are using a university or dental practice email, and their IT/Network Administrator is restricting our email delivery.

Questions? For questions regarding CE Credit verification or any other educational questions: Email: or call 888-974-3976 M-F Hours: 8 - 5 p.m. PST

You can also reach us by chat at this website M-F Hours 9 - 6 pm PST

For product related questions, please contact the team at ioTech International:

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