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OROFACIAL MYOLOGY in The 21st Century
Helping You Change the Lives of Your Patients

Complimentary dental continuing education course hosted by Dental CE Academy
On Demand Dental CE Webinar. Scroll below for course description and schedule of upcoming dates:
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Sandra Coulson, MS, ST, ED, COM; President of The Coulson Institute for Orofacial Myology. Internationally known orofacial myofunctional therapist and lecturer.  BIO

TITLE:  OROFACIAL MYOLOGY IN THE 21ST CENTURY - Helping You Change the Lives of Your Patients


CREDITS: This continuing education activity is designated for 1 credit

AGD PACE SUBJECT CODE:  188 Myofunctional Therapy

MODE: Electronically Mediated | Recorded Webinar for On Demand, Home Study. Recorded 11.30.22 | Review 6.1.23

SPEAKER: Sandra Coulson, MS, ST, ED, COM

CE SUPPORTER: The Coulson Institute

AUDIENCE: Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Therapists

TECHNOLOGY REQUIRED:  Mobile device, laptop or desktop with internet connection | Google Chrome Browser

COURSE SUMMARY: What Every Dental Professional Needs to Know...

Orofacial -- the muscles around the mouth, the tongue and muscles in the face, jaw and neck.

Myology -- the study of muscles and muscle tissue. The muscular system (myology) consists of skeletal muscles that contact to move or position different parts of the body. Orofacial muscles move the muscles in the face, lips, tongue, neck and jaws.

Orofacial Myology is the training or re-training of the tongue, lips, cheeks, neck, jaw and body posture. This technique is used to retrain muscle patterns for rest, swallowing and speech. It 'switches-on' the proper muscles and 'switches off' the improperly used muscles to only be used at the proper time. 

This therapy is also beneficial to the treatment of oral disorders and parafunctional habits such as tongue thrust, forward tongue rest posture, incorrect swallowing, thumb, finger and pacifier habits, nail biting, Down syndrome issues, cerebral palsy, facial paralysis issues such as Bell's Palsy, mouth breathing, snoring and mild sleep apnea, Temporomandibular joint dysfunction and facial pain.


  • Recognize and understand the ramifications of tongue posture on occlusion. 

  • Understand the short and long-term effects of mouth breathing.

  • Identify postural issues that impact occlusion. 

  • Assess “Tongue Thrust” and the strength and power of the tongue and its impact on occlusion, lip closure and body posture. 

  • Recognize the tongue’s impact on speech sounds. 

  • Understand the difference between anterior and posterior tongue tie, lip tie and buccal tie. 

  • Understand important assessment techniques. 

  • Evaluate and assess the issues described above in a timely manner. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Please use Chrome browser. Upon registration you will be sent a confirmation email from "" to view this recorded webinar. Do not fast forward as your attendance is recorded. A course folder including instructions for CE Credit, will be provided during the course, by tapping on the red banner at the top of your screen. Following the continuing education presentation, you may close the screen and wait for the course evaluation email to be sent to you. Upon successful completion of quiz/course )  evaluation (80% minimum passing score) your CE Credit  will be sent to your email within 1 -5 minutes.

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SPEAKER'S BIO: Sandra Coulson, MS, ST, ED, COM is an internationally known orofacial myofunctional therapist. Sandra opened The Coulson Institute in 2003 where she teaches Hygienists, Dentists and Speech Pathologists her method of Orofacial Myology nationally, internationally and online. A Clinical Professor of Orofacial Myology, Sandra Coulson earned her BA Degree in Speech Therapy and Education in 1965 and her MS in Health Sciences in 2010 from the University of Northern Colorado. She served as Director of Special Education for the public school system in Tacoma, Washington (1966 -1970), as a speech therapist by Denver Public Schools (1970-1975), as a consultant providing stroke therapy services also in Denver (1970-1973), and as Clinical Instructor at the Community College of Denver (1978-1980). She joined the International Association of Orofacial Myology where she became certified in 1986. She is currently a Life member of the IAOM after serving on their Board of Directors for nine years, on several of their executive boards, and then and as their President, 2005-2007. She has been a Certified Instructor for the IAOM since 2011. She is now a Clinical Professor for the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences where she teaches online courses. She has been in private practice in Orofacial Myology for more than 48 years (1969 – present). Sandra is a consultant for Craig Rehabilitation Center and the National Asthma Research Center in Denver. She has been a public speaker in the field of Orofacial Myology since 1995 and has served as an Advisory Board Member for Heritage College since 1997, often serving as their Commencement Speaker. Sandra is known for her philanthropy in the fields of Dentistry for Children, Senior Resource Center, the Foundation Fighting Blindness, the National Essential Tremor Foundation, and the Courageous Faces Foundation.. 






DISCLOSURE OF SPEAKER AND FACULTY COMMERCIAL RELATIONSHIPS:  According to Dental CE Academy's Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Policy, faculty and speakers for any course are expected to disclose any economic support, personal interests, or potential bias that may be perceived as creating a conflict related to the material being presented. Disclosure statements are printed in each course description and announced by moderators or individual speakers at the beginning of each presentation. This policy is intended to alert the audience to any potential bias or conflict so that participants may form their own judgments about the material being presented.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST AND FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE: This course is sponsored by The Coulson Institute . The speaker, Sandra Coulson declares a financial affiliation with The Coulson Institute.  For written documentation contact


DENTAL CE ACADEMY DISCLOSURE: The views expressed and opinions and materials presented during these live and recorded presentations represent the personal views and opinions of the individual speaker and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Dental CE Academy.  Dental CE Academy assumes no responsibility for the content of the presentations made by the individual speakers. Any suggested protocols for treatment, materials, or services may be based up on the speakers' own clinican experience and should not be construed as Dental CE Academy recommended or endorsed. Selected presentations may include exploratory research or experimental procedures and are intended for informational purposes that may lead to new interest and scientific breakthroughs in the fields of dentistry.  Dental CE Academy appreciates its educators who share their knowledge and expertise. This level of dedication to dentistry allows our profession to expand and thrive and provokes necessary discussion and understanding. 

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