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Aerosol Generation and Mitigation in the Dental Practice

Learn Why Air Quality in Your Dental Practice is a 24/7 Priority

"The quality of indoor air in healthcare facilities, with an emphasis on dental offices,attracted

the attention of the scientific community in the late 1960s. Since then, it has become evident that the indoor air quality is critical in modern dental care facilities for limiting the spread of airborne infections .... a key component of safety for healthcare personnel and patients.

The utilization of air purifiers are highly recommended in dental healthcare facilities to mitigate spread of infection. Their operation should be continuous, not only during but also after the treatment of the patients."

Tzoutzas I, Karoussis I, Maltezou HC. Air Quality in Dental Care Facilities: Update to Current Management and Control Strategies Implementing New Technologies: A Comprehensive Review. Vaccines (Basel). 2022 May 26;10(6):847. doi: 10.3390/vaccines10060847. PMID: 35746455; PMCID: PMC9227829.

Dental CE Academy is proud to offer its monthly live continuing education webinar "Aerosol Generation and Mitigation in the Dental Practice." We are grateful for the ongoing support of IQAir to provide complimentary access to thousands of dental clinicians each month.

Air quality management in your dental practice must be prioritized to offer the highest level of safety and infection prevention to you, your staff and your patients.

Learn more, view the upcoming schedule of live dates, and register HERE.

Dental practices, DSO's and insurance providers are all invited to register HERE. Please ensure any individual wishing continuing education credit is registered. Customized live dates are also available for lunch and learns. For further assistance call/text 888-964-3976 or email


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