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I'm a licensed dentist, do your continuing education webinars count in my state?

The answer is legally, the licensee is required to know what continuing education courses meet their state's dental license renewal. The majority of states will only accept courses from providers that are AGD PACE or ADA CERP approved. In addition, states may have specific requirements know as mandated courses for dental license renewal. But...some states may require state specific approval for their mandated courses. An example would be California, whose Dental Board does accept CE credits from AGD PACE or ADA CERP providers. However, they have several mandated course requirements for dental license renewal and require separate Dental Board of California approval for those courses.

Note there is a difference between the term Provider and Speaker. Provider = the education entity providing the courses and approved by the appropriate agencies. Speaker = the presenter for the individual course.

Always check with your dental board requirements, they can change appreciably between dental license renewal dates. The American Dental Association has a link to check your state's requirements here:

Dental CE Academy is a nationally approved provider of AGD PACE. We are a team of dentist educators showcasing education and innovation to improve patient outcomes.

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