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Why Americans avoid the dentist

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High out-of-pocket costs were cited as the main reason Americans are delaying dental care, according to a recent survey by survey,

released Aug. 23, included responses from 1,214 adults across the country, according to a news release from the insurance company. It was conducted from May 5-7 and asked: "What issues have made you put off dental work?" Respondents were given seven options.

Here are the response options along with the percentage of those who selected each; those surveyed also could choose "none of the above":

High out-of-pocket costs: 19.6 percent

Fear it will be painful: 13.3 percent

Lack of insurance: 13.1 percent

Dental plan won't cover: 9.5 percent

Time off needed for recovery: 5.5 percent

Preferred dentist is out of network: 4.2 percent

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