Dental Sleep Medicine:

Considerations to Get You Started

2 CEU:  On Demand Webinar
Sponsor: Planmeca | Awaken2Sleep
Speakers:  Dr. Gregory Manning, DDS; and Chad Wooters, Executive Sleep Coach
Host: Dental CE Academy Powered by Virtual Dental Expo 
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Dr. Gregory Manning, DDS

Dr. Gregory Manning was born and raised in the small town of Hooper, Utah, and is fluent in Spanish. After earning his Bachelor of Science in microbiology at Weber State University in Ogden, UT, he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Ohio State University in 2006.


He has been practicing dentistry in our area since 1999 and vigorously pursues continuing his education in dental technology and sleep apnea treatment; he also teaches courses in sleep apnea to other dental professionals.


He is a member of the American Dental Association®, the Arizona Dental Association, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, and is a diplomat of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy. As a dentist, Dr. Manning focuses on helping patients understand their dental needs and achieve their goals. Dr. Manning and his wife Kortney have three children: Reese, Truman, and Hank and in his spare time, he enjoys golf and traveling.

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Mr. Chad Wooters

Chad Wooters, Executive Sleep Coach of Awaken2Sleep and Co-Founder of Sleep Hero Network, started his journey in education and business development that would eventually lead into the dental space.


Having worked with dentists across the US over the last two years as a Sleep Coach, he is the architect behind the online academy of Sleep Hero Network and uses his experience to coach dental practices through building a successful Dental Sleep Medicine program.


Having been successfully treated from OSA, Chad has a passion for working with individuals to grow awareness of the presence and the severity of the epidemic of obstructive sleep apnea. Chad is a national speaker whose mission is to equip dental and healthcare providers with the tools they need to be the hero in their patient’s story!

Course Title:  Dental Sleep Medicine: Dental Considerations to Get You Started

2 CEU: On Demand. (Recorded April 29, 2020) 

COST: No Charge


SPONSORS: Awaken2Sleep, Planmeca

PRESENTERS: Mr. Chad Wooters, Dr. Gregory Manning

DESCRIPTION: Join Dr. Greg Manning and Executive Sleep Coach Chad Wooters in discussing what obstructive sleep apnea is and the scope of a dentist in treating this life-threatening condition. Dr. Manning will share with you how DSM works in his practice as well as considerations in testing, treating, and technology! You will see how saving patients' lives in a dental practice can be simple and how one dentist has done it successfully for over five years. Once we learn the clinical side of DSM we are going to learn the business of sleep and discuss questions surrounding how to implement a successful program, understanding fee structure, and revenue from helping patients. 


In this course we will learn and focus on:

  • Define obstructive sleep apnea  (OSA)

  • Define the role of a dentist in the treatment of OSA

  • Discuss screening and testing for OSA in the dental practice

  • Understand the workflow of a dental sleep medicine program

  • Understand the key components of a successful DSM program

  • Evaluate the cost and opportunity of treating sleep apnea in your dental practice

  • Learn how to build a sleep program

INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the webinar by viewing the recording above. Once you have completed, you will be directed to complete a brief evaluation to receive your continuing education verification.


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