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Purple Net

Aerosol Generation and Mitigation in the Dental Practice

Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing Dentistry

Dental Artificial Intelligence: Diagnostics, Case Presentation and Operational Efficiency

Benefits of a Dental Hygiene Microscope

CBD: Potential Benefits to Improve Oral-Systemic Outcomes

Child Abuse and Neglect

Clostridium difficile: Dentistry's Overlooked Threat

Cybersecurity. Staying 3 Steps Ahead of Social Engineering Scams

Electronic Cigarettes and the Culture of Vaping

Financial Management: Mastering the Art of Tax Strategy and Asset Protection

Geriatric Dentistry. The Silver Tsunami: Safeguarding the Oral Health of Older Adults

Hand Hygiene: The Cornerstone of Infection Prevention

Human Trafficking: Role of the Dental Clinician

Hypochlorous Acid: Safeguard Your Dental Practice Against Superbug Contamination

Infection Control in Dental Settings

Infection Control. Top 10 Essential Strategies for Improved Safety in the Dental Practice

Monkeypox: MPOX What Dental Clinicians Should Know

Nano Hydroxyapatite: Exploring the Science and Benefits

Nutrition: A Bi-Directional Relationship With Oral Health

Opioid Crisis: What Dental Clinicians Should Know

Oral Gut Brain Axis Microbiota Axis in Dentistry (Recording will be available January 13, 2024)

Oral Health - Systemic Health. What's the Evidence?

Oral Mucositis Understanding and Management (Recording will be available March 14, 2024)

Oral Rinses: What's safe? What's effective?

OralSystemic Fitness: Transform Your Dental Practice and Patient Experience in 90 Days (Recording available February 27, 2024)

Pathogenic Pathways: Oral-Systemic Links (Recording available January 4, 2024)

Pathogens and Plaque: What's the Connection?

Periodonal Disease: Treating in the Post Antibiotic Age

Periodontitis: A Destructive and Life Threatening Microbial Disease

Periodontal Inflammation as a Driver of Systemic Disease

Precision Periodontal Protocols: Follow these easy and effective protocols for periodontal  wellness.

Probiotics: Role in Oral-Systemic Health

Quit: Providing a Brief Tobacco Dependence Intervention

Superbugs: Antimicrobial Resistance and the Dental Practice

Surface Decontamination in the Dental Setting

Tooth Adornment Through the Ages: History and Current Perspectives

Transformative Dentistry: Harnessing the Power of Effective Psychotherapies in the Dental Profession

Treating the Pregnant Dental Patient

UVC Technology - A New Paradigm for Improved Infection Control in the Dental Practice

Water Safety: A Guide to Waterline Testing in Dental Practices

Xerostomia: Treating Dry Mouth to Improve Patient Outcomes

Xylitol: Oral Health Benefits and Beyond
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